Spiritual Ruminations: TGIFS…

When I was in college, we held regular TGIF parties. The beer flowed from 4-6 in the lounge and one of the underclasswomen would sing Jack the Knife…I know, we partied hardy!

What really stayed with me—since I was not then and still am not a beer drinker—was the acronym: TGIF. I love a great acronym! And thus, I give you: TGIFS!!


Our snow of a week ago is melted, a lone wee pile here or there.

The air is scented with freshness.

The birds are whistling love songs.

The wind is brisk, with a bit of a bite, but it is most definitely a March breeze.

Green things are bravely poking out of their tentative winter homes.


 My soul needs the newness.

My heart longs for buds to bloom.

My senses seek the aromas that only waft on Spring breezes.


[deep breath]

Okay, I’ve got a grip.

Currently, the temperature is 35. The lawn is fairly damaged from the odd winter weather pattern. I’m waiting for the tulips ends to pop up, but I think the squirrels got to them sometime in December.

My heart still aches for a bit more warmth, a little brighter sunshine, a bluer shade of sky.

It is spring and the days of fullness will come. It is a promise.

This promise of new life beats inside of me, pulses in my veins. It calls me each day, ensuring that we will arrive at Easter. We are halfway there. More deserts to cross, rivers to ford, love and hope to discover.


a rainy day


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